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Bio-organic spray

The Anti- Stress solution for crops

TABA is a bio-organic spray contains fortified with algal extracts [of brown algae] and herbal extracts. TABA® contains natural amino acids, fulvic, neem, vitamins, minerals, and useful enzymes.


  • Increases photosynthesis
  • Rapid absorption of nutrients by the stressed  plant.
  • Overcome growth reduction due physical stress of low temperature , heavy rainfall or drought conditions.
  • Overcome growth reduction due to chemical stress of pesticide and herbicide phyto-toxicty.
  • Overcome growth reduction due to biological stress after disease.
  • Increase in yield and quality.
  • Prevents early flower and fruit drop

 Mode of Action:

 TABA acts by providing useful ready to absorb  into the leaves. After roots, leaves are the plant’s best absorptive organs. TABA nutrients are highly soluble in water and therefore easily absorbed and used by the plants to build up their structural and functional organs. TABA provides an anti-stress solution to plants for fighting chemical, disease or climatic imbalance stress. Use of TABA at the onset of flowering or fruiting leads to increase in the number, size and reduction in fall of flowers and fruits.


  • Vegetative growth – 2ml/L
  • Flowering – Onset of flowering – 2ml/L
  • Fruiting – Onset of fruiting – 2ml/L
  • During stress conditions. Do not exceed dosage or frequency of spray. Keep a gap of at least a week between two sprays of Taba.

Application method:

  • TABA has to be used as a foliar spray
  • Use normal spraying methods with low droplet size emissions.

Factors influencing field results of Taba

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Use 2ml of TABA per liter of water for spraying.
  3. The pH of water should be not be more than 7.5. If it highly alkaline adjust pH of water to 6 to 7.5.
  4. TABA can be mixed in spraying programs with most of the bactericides, fungicides, insecticides, hormones, stickers, soluble fertilizers or micronutrients to increase their efficiency. [However a try test is recommended to arrive at final decision as all the inputs have not been tested for compatibility with TABA TM]
  5. TABA can be used with bio-products, microbial products or herbal products to improve their efficiency.
  6. Spray to wet the foliage in the morning before 10 a.m. or in the evening after 4 p.m. Do not spray in scorching sun.
  7. Do not spray TABA before or during rains. In case of excessive humidity use with sticker.
  8. Crops respond to TABA immediately after spraying by improvement in growth. Take adequate precaution to keep optimum levels of nutrients in soil as the demand for nutrients increases to maintain growth.
  9. Use TABA at proper dose and crop stage


Handling information

  • Do not use with highly alkaline water or chemicals.
  • Do not use with herbicides.

Safety Information

  • Store in a cool dry place away from heat and sunlight.
  • Store between 41 to 104°F.
  • Non-toxic, environment friendly, residue-free.