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NutriTech | Phosphorus Flush

NutriTech | Phosphorus Flush



After years of research and development scientists have discovered a way for roots to absorb minerals and vitamins that were insoluble. NutriTech was specifically formulated with mixed culture Azotobacter and Bacillus that breaks free locked up phosphates, which allows the roots to become nourished and incredibly strong. To produce the absolute best results NutriTech should be used with NutriSoil.

  • Enriches soil microflora
  • Improves soil structure, fertility, and aeration
  • Overall increase in crop production
  • Conservation of nitrogenous and phosphatic inputs
  • Optimum results when used with NutriSoil

 Coverage Area

100mL = 0.8 acres Greenhouses, Fruits and, Vegetables

1L =  4 Acres of Crops

5L = 20 Acres of Crops

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