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Testimonial: Monique Whea

First, I want to thank you for all your assistance in expediting my product shipment,.
Second, I would like to tell you that your Taba product is amazing!  I am a small cannabis grower that was experiencing some nutrient deficiencies throughout my crop, but on 1 plant in particular.  It began tacoing, curlying, and yellowing.  
I applied 4 mil of Taba, 1 teaspoon of fish emulsion, 1 teaspoon of molasses, and 1 gallon of water as a mixed foliar spray to my plants while in vegetation, and the results were amazing.  
Within a couple of days the green color returned.  In 1-week's time most of the color returned.  After pruning up the plant, the plant is thriving as I am in my 3rd week of flowering. 
I also used a stronger version for my Arborvitae shrubbery, where there was no direct sunlight which left most of my shrubs dead.  Within days, the brown leaves began to change colors.  By a week, 25% of the shrubbery was green again.  Each week, the color is restored.  
I am out of town right now, so I can not provide you pictures, but as soon as I return home, I will send you the pictures where I documented the progress!
I can not thank you for suggesting Taba for my deficiencies issues, as my initial order was for Bioplin.
Finally, I want to thank you for your patience in dealing with a newbie, I will be forever grateful.
Monique Whea

Testimonial: Michael Adsit Plymouth Orchards

Hi BioNatural,
I’m sorry about the delay, but here are some photos of this years organic apple crop. How we use the NutriFoliar is part of a foliar feeding cycle. Every 3 weeks, once blossums have dropped, we feed the trees with fish, molassass, Sea Crop kelp product, K-35 product, Complete product, Phos Cal product, NutriFoliar and fulvic acid. 3 years doing this and we see a marked improvement in tree health.

We also side dress in the early spring with your NutriTech and Bioplin products, resulting in a much higher brix.

Crop Services has been a very good dealer for us.

Over the years using BioNatural products they have prevented early fruit drop.

I am also including our last leaf test results. The July tests were low because of the severe dryness here in June and July

Michael Adsit
Plymouth Orchards


Testimonial: Dr. Phil Wheeler of CSI

My company, CSI, Inc. began working with the Blooming Blossom line of products about 5 years ago. Since then, we have seen sales progress steadily and the Blooming Blossom line of Bioplin, NutriTech, and NutriFoliar have become one of our major product lines that allow us to serve the sustainable and organic communities throughout the US & Canada. Because of the availability in small to large size containers, we are able to recommend it on any crop to any size grower.

One of the major problems facing organic growers is being able to find sources of nitrogen that are certified organic, yet offer sufficient N to fulfill the needs of a crop. Bioplin answers this need by interacting with the nitrogen gas that is a natural part of the air that is found in friable soils. The N gas is converted in protein nitrogen which will not leach and is more desirable to plants as it doesn’t require internal plant energy to make it usable.

The second biggest problem is all agriculture is the unavailability of phosphorous to a crop due to its affinity for soil calcium. NutriTech is able to break these bonds and make the P available to the crop.

CSI  has learned that the products can be more efficiently used in American style growing by combining them with fish hydrolysates and molasses which then allows them to be placed in the row at planting and not have to be applied after emergence with larger than normal amounts of water.

Our growers have had excellent response to the products when used on everything from field crops to vegetables, and to fruit, berries and grapes all over the US and Canada.

A third problem facing grower is not having the natural N cycle of release from the soil into the plants coincide with the N needs of a growing crop. NutriFoliar is a very unique product that allows the fixation of N from the air on the leaf surface of any crop. Natural mechanisms on the leaf allow the uptake of the “fixed” N as the plant needs it and avoid “luxury” N feeding that can weaken a plant.

Grower reports on a variety of crops, even including coffee in Costa Rica, indicate increases in plant vigor, health and production with the proper use of NutriFoliar.

The use of the entire Blooming Blossom line offers an economical way to strengthen the stress resistance, insect and disease resistance as well as produce a nutrient dense product.

Philip A. Wheeler, Ph.D.
Sustainable Agronomist
Owner, CSI, Inc.

Testimonial: Kent Friedrichsen


Chemical Fertilizer vs. BioNatural Organic Fertilizers

(In pic above) The left side has 10 ears picked from a neighbors field. They were planted approximately April 15th, 2010 and have a final stand of roughly 30K (3 samples). The leaf samples are from the ear leaf and are a  pale green color with large dead and diseased areas showing. The leaves are also somewhat firm and brittle, the one on the far left is folding into a “V” shape and they are all very dry. All of the ears are showing severe stunting and major “tip back”. The butt of the ears are deformed, pollination was not uniform, most cobbs are hooking, and test weight will most likely be lower than normal. This is a corn/corn field and I would figure the Nitrogen applied to be 150 lbs. or more, some of it was fall applied. P & K ????  This corn is probably 10’ tall and standing well so far but some stalk deterioration is showing up now. The field is virtually weed free, there is nothing else living out there, the corn is dying and not producing much sugar at this time.

The right side of the picture has 9 ears picked from a field of mine that is in the second year of transitioning to organic production. This field was planted on May 22nd, 2010 at 31K with a final stand of 27K. The corn is an organic variety from Blue River Hybrids so there was no captan seed treatment. That is why the later planting date, needing warm soils for a fast emergence. This corn emerged in 4-5 days and was never stunted from cold and damp soils. Cost for this seed was approximately $60.00/acre. The leaf samples are from the ear leaf and show very little disease and have a rich green color to them. They are soft in texture and supple, still very much alive not hard and dry. When holding the leaves they move and flow, there are very few dead spots in these leaves and disease is low. The ears are tipped back and could have filled better, however they filled what they have very well with straight rows of kernels. The butts are squared off and the ears are straight without hooking the cobbs. Pollination for the most part seemed to go pretty well here. This corn is between 9-10 feet tall and standing well. It is following soybeans and the ground was pretty mellow, the field was cultivated twice in the summer. The fertility was 10 gallons per acre of liquid fish, which is a 2-4-0.5-1Ca product, and 20 gallons per acre of composted liquid manure. Also in the summer a foliar azotobacter was applied to attach to the plant and fix nitrogen from the atmosphere for the plant. The fish and compost were split applied between a pre-plant broadcast application, 2×2 application with the planter, and foliar sprays with the azotobacter product. The company that makes the azotobacter claims that it could possibly fix up to 50 lbs. of N per season. At this time I am planning to make 1 more foliar application to this field since the corn kernels are still filling. Even though the number of kernels is fixed we can still influence the test weight of the kernels thus adding yield to the crop. There are a few escape weeds in the field, but it looks like it will yield better than the other field discussed here. The corn in this field is still alive and producing sugars.

The picture below was taken on July 10th, 2010 in the organically grown field described above.



John, INDIANA says his Kentucky grower ran out of NutriTech & fish and noted 6” less hay growth. His corn starter included Bioplin and lots of rain followed. The yellow is gone and green is back. “I’ve used this fish for more than 30 years and I know the fish alone would not have done that”. Thanks to Bioplin and NutriTech for increase in growth and improving the quality.

Kent in IOWA reports using NutriTech with fish and some of his manure pit water on corn. “The corn turned a John Deere green rather than the dark black green of my neighbors”. He also foliar feed fish and NutriFoliar (N fixing for foliage) on a water stressed field on a Thursday night (then received 3” more of rain on Friday and Saturday) and the corn greened up on Sunday and Monday. Corn looks great! More foliars to come.


Corn Growth



Testimonial: Mike Kantz of StoneWell Vineyard

“When we planted StoneWell Vineyard in the spring of 2000, like other growers, we began a chemical fertilization program both through our
drip irrigation system, and by broadcasting 10-10-10 granules.

In researching sustainable agriculture regarding grape growing, we found that annual repeated applications of chemical fertilizers lead to the sterilization of the soil, prohibiting natural soil borne microorganisms from supplying sufficient nutrients to the root system, thereby making vines dependent on expensive chemicals for a consistent yield.

After an introduction to BioNatural Products, we decided instead to promote soil health with their low cost organic Bioplin and NutriTech products beginning in 2005.  Our vines improved and flourished, and yields of the highest quality organic grapes continue to increase. Last year’s crop of 2007 enjoyed a 45% increase of grapes over the previous ’06 growing season, after using less than suggested dosage amounts of Bioplin and NutriTech to the soil. “

Mike Kantz
StoneWell Vineyard


"I began with a ground application of Bioplin… Problem with my vine grapes was that they were not up taking micro nutrients from the soil. This caused mid season clorosis and early defoliation in the crown of the vine. This problem went away using BioNatural products. Also fruit seemed to ripen more evenly and the yield was up by 50%. I believe this was due to improved fruit set. Berry size on one variety was up by 40%. The overall health of the vines was greatly improved." 



I applied NutriFoliar and fish to some very yellow Triticale. It greened up almost immediately. It was more than the fish because I have used that fish for 30 years and I can tell the difference. I can hardly keep the product in stock mainly because Word-of-mouth. I applied NutriFoliar and fish to some very yellow Triticale. It greened up almost immediately. It was more than the fish because I have used that fish for 30 years and clearly the difference is because of using NutriFoliar. I can hardly keep the NutriFoliar product in stock mainly because of word-of-mouth. John Martin


I began with a ground application of Bioplin… Problem with my vine grapes was that they were not up taking micro nutrients from the soil. This caused mid season clorosis and early defoliation in the crown of the vine. This problem went away using BioNatural products. Also fruit seemed to ripen more evenly and the yield was up by 50%. I believe this was due to improved fruit set. Berry size on one variety was up by 40%. The overall health of the vines was greatly improved.
I have used the products for 5 years (June 10, 2009). I have stopped using other fertilizers. I like the soil conditioning job Bioplin & NutriTech do & I rely completely on NutriFoliar for feeding the crop. Byron B


Grapes GrowthGrapesGrapes many

Vegetables & Produce:

 Mark, an international consultant in MAINE an organic garlic grower put N fixing Bioplin on his garlic in 2009. Mark grows organic garlic and sells his garlic by the pound. When the garlic bulb produces a scape (seed head) the grower removes the scape by cutting it off. At this point the garlic bulb usually dies within 3 weeks.

Mark has found that by treating his field with Bioplin he was able to obtain 1 extra week of growth. This is a 33% increase in growth time and he sells his garlic by the pound. He said, “This season looks very good so far (June 9, 2010), strong plants which were inoculated with Bioplin as a dip. Seed was pre treated with Bioplin and floated for culling.”


We used your products on our cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and cabbage. We have noticed a big difference with improved produce quality and increase in yields with healthy plants. We will use this product again as we didn’t have to use any other chemicals or pesticides. Thank you for introducing these products. Jerry

Flowering & House Plants:

I have been meaning to email you for months to let you know how much I love your products. I used it on all my outdoor plants and, wow,what dramatic results!
The blueberry bush that has been whimpishly growing for the past 2 years without any fruit sprouted right up and doubled in size. It even produced some fruit. i have seen a great improvement in my Meyer lemon as well. Leda W from CALIFORNIA

Orchids: Just wanted to let you know that after using NutriFoliar on my house plants within a week after my 2nd applicationI finally got a bloom off my Dendrobium that hasn’t flowered in over 18 month. Amy P

Annuals:  This is 1st season I’ve started to use your products in our greenhouse on annuals and mums and we are very happy with the quality of growth. The plants look very healthy and are larger in size as compared to the ones without your products. We will expand to use your products on other plants in our greenhouse. Thanks for your continued support. Courtney W, TEXAS