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NutriSoil | Nitrogen Flush

NutriSoil | Nitrogen Flush



NutriSoil has led the way in plant growth with farmers for several years. Manufactured in a state of the art laboratory, contains a unique blend of Azotobacter bacteria, vitamins, and minerals. NutriSoil is used by hundreds of farmers, vineyards, scientists, and plant nurseries. NutriSoil is the world’s best organic solution for growers. To produce the absolute best results NutriSoil should be used with NutriTech.

  • Enhances growth by at least 35%
  • Induces drought tolerance
  • Prevents soil erosin
  • Contains Nitrogen fixing bacteria
  • Optimum results when used with NutriTech

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Coverage Area

100mL = 0.8 acres Greenhouses, Fruits and, Vegetables

1L =  4 Acres of Crops

5L = 20 Acres of Crops

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 OMRI Listed