100% Organic Starter Pack
100% Organic Starter Pack
100% Organic Starter Pack
100% Organic Starter Pack
100% Organic Starter Pack - BioNatural Blooming Blossoms
100% Organic Starter Pack - BioNatural Blooming Blossoms

BioNatural Blooming Blossoms

100% Organic Starter Pack

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BioNatural Starter Pack!! This is all you need to start your grow the Organic Way!! 

Bioplin has led the way in plant growth with farmers for several years. Manufactured in a state of the art laboratory, contains a unique blend of Azotobacter bacteria, vitamins, minerals and anti-fungal metabolites. Bioplin is used by hundreds of farmers, vineyards, scientists, and plant nurseries. Bioplin is the world’s best organic solution for growers.

  • Enhances growth by at least 35%
  • Induces drought tolerance
  • Protects plants against fungal infestation
  • Prevents soil erosin
  • Contains Nitrogen fixing bacteria

After years of research and development scientists have discovered a way for roots to absorb minerals and vitamins that were insoluble. NutriTech was specifically formulated with mixed culture Azotobacter and Bacillus that breaks free locked up phosphates, which allows the roots to become nourished and incredibly strong.

  • Enriches soil microflora
  • Improves soil structure, fertility, and aeration
  • Overall increase in crop production
  • Conservation of nitrogenous and phosphatic inputs

NutriFoliar is the only organic solution that protects plants from fungal infestations while supplying the plant with essential nutrients that increases the yield.

  • Contains anti-fungal metabolites
  • Increases quality of yield 
  • Increases yield by at least 30%
  • Live microbes in cyst form 
  • Delivers nitrogen to leaves from the atmosphere

Taba is the only organic anti-stress foliar solution that contains microbial metabolites, amino acids, alginates, cytokinins, and other essential vitamins.

  • Rapid plant absorption
  • Defeats extreme temperatures
  • Defeats extreme weather (drought to heavy rainfall)
  • Defeats any chemical stress, biological and nutritional deficiencies
  • Results visible within 48 hour
  • Prevents premature drop
  • Increases yield and qualit

Potak is a revolutionary Potash mobilizer! 100% Organic Potak unlocks unavailable potassium and delivers it to the plant. This specific formulation of Bacillus Licheniformis only delivers exactly what the plant need for 20-40% increase in yield. 

  • Increase yield by at least 20-40%
  • Residue free and non-toxic
  • Contains live microbes in a cyst form
  • Starts working once opened and microbes interact with oxygen
  • 100% Organic

This pack covers 1 acre when mixed with 20 gallons of water.

OMRI Listed