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About Us

BioNatural Blooming Blossoms is the sole distributor of organic nutrients for North and South America. We offer non-toxic, non-hazardous, and environment friendly cutting edge bio-fertilizers, with a variety of natural strains of Azotobacter (Nitrogen fixing bacteria). Our products are backed by decades of extensive research and have been the recipient of the prestigious 2000 WIPO gold medal for outstanding invention by World Intellectual Property Organization. 

BioNatural is the pioneer in introducing live microbes in a cyst form, which have nitrogen fixing capacity over the entire soil pH range from 4.5 to 9. We offer five main products for environment friendly agriculture. These include: Bioplin, NutriTech, NutriFoliar, Taba, and B:Seepel. BioNatural Blooming Blossoms has many certifications such as  OMRI Listed.


Omri Listed\