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BioNatural NutriFoliar is a liquid formula containing strains of Nitrogen fixing Azotobacter. These bacteria are in their dormant forms and are suspended in a clay based liquid.   

Bacteria are a major component of the diverse epiphytic microbial flora that are harbored by the leaves of plants in temperate, tropical and sub-tropical climates. Epiphytic bacteria are capable of living (i.e. multiplying) on the plant surfaces. These bacteria are called as “phyllobacteria” which possess specific characteristics like bio-film formation, nitrogen fixation, production of pigments, high GC content for protection against UV light etc.  

Studies in the past have revealed an important relationship between plants surviving in nutrient poor soils and luxuriant leaves. This is due to the presence of nitrogen fixing organisms on the leaf surfaces. Azotobacter is predominantly found on the leaf surface vegetation. 


  • Protects plants from fungal infestation because of its property to secrete antifungal metabolites.
  • As viable populations of bacteria are maintained for 3 to 4 weeks, the growth stimulants secreted by Azotobacter are spontaneously absorbed by the leaves.
  • Reduces cost of using Nitrogen fertilizers.
  •  Improves the quantity and  quality of the yield.
  • Increase in yield.
  • No leach and it is not a force feed.
  • NutriFoliar  supplies 110 to 120 pounds of Nitrogen per 2 ½ acres

  Mode of Action:

The dormant forms of Azotobacter  in a cyst form on reaching the leaves germinate to produce fresh batch of colonies of vegetative cells.

 The cells use up carbon and moisture from the leaf exudates and fix nitrogen.  

 The cells multiply after finding favorable sites near the stomata or the base of the leaf hairs or at the depressions of the leaf surface to form colonies. They secrete plant growth promoting substances like auxins, giberrellins, cytoninins etc, vitamins of B group, amino acids and certain antifungal metabolites. 

Spraying NutriFoliar is like implanting small factories of microbes  which spontaneously provide useful metabolites to plants. 


 * All microbial products should be added to the tank last after all other inputs have been diluted. Apply in the late afternoon

Factors influencing field results of BioNatural NutriFoliar

  1. Nitrogen fixation by NutriFoliar microbes is enhanced in presence of Ca, Mg, Fe and Mo.
  2. BioNatural NutriFoliar is compatible with most of the micro-nutrients.
  3. BioNatural NutriFoliar is also compatible with sea-weed extracts as they are a good source of alginates or gums
  4. BioNatural NutriFoliar is also compatible with useful vitamins and plant hormones.
  5. BioNatural NutriFoliar microbes can grow at temperatures between 41 to 104°F. Below 41°F it is better to use protein hydrolysates for boosting absorption by the plant cells.
  6. Under high humidity and rainfall use BioNatural NutriFoliar with non-ionic stickers. 

Handling information

  • For best results, use within three months after opening.
  • Store with the airtight lid.
  • Do not mix BioNatural NutriFoliar with bactericides.
  • Do not mix BioNatural NutriFoliar with highly acidic water.

 Safety Information

  1. BioNatural NutriFoliar is non-toxic to plants, animals and human beings.
  2. NutriFoliar does not leave any harmful residues.
  3. Can be used for organic and conventional farming.