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Bacteria which break free insoluble reserves of locked up potassium in agricultural soils.

BioNatural NutriGro a liquid formula of phosphate solubilizing species of Potash Mobilizing Bacteria. It can solubilize insoluble potassium by growing competitively on the rhizosphere.

Since plants can't absorb potassium in insoluble forms, certain microorganisms can solubilize these chemically fixed insoluble potassium and make them available to plants. NutriGro reduces the usage of harmful chemical fertilizers. Cost benefit and surplus productions are other advantages of using BioNatural NutriGro. 


  • BioNatural NutriGro supplies 110 to 120 pounds of potassium per 2 ½ acres
  • Solubilizes insoluble phosphates in the soil.
  • Enriches soil microflora.
  • Does not leave any residues and thus is environment friendly and eco-safe.
  • Improves soil structure, fertility and soil aeration.
  • Overall increase in crop production due to adequate supply of phosphates.
  • No leaching
  • Reduces and may eliminate the use of Potassium fertilizers.

Mode of Action:

The dormant forms of Potash Mobilizing Bacteria on reaching the soil, germinate to produce a fresh batch of active cells. These active cells grow and multiply rapidly by utilizing the carbon source in the soil or from root exudates, and solubilize insoluble phosphates in the soil, which the plants absorb. PGPS (auxins, gibberellins and cytokinins), “B” group vitamins and antifungal metabolites are additional benefits of the package. 

Factors influencing field results of BioNatural NutriGro

  1. BioNatural NutriGro is compatible with most of the micro-nutrients.
  2. BioNatural NutriGro is also compatible with sea-weed extracts as they are a good source of alginates or gums
  3. BioNatural NutriGro is also compatible with useful vitamins and plant hormones.
  4. BioNatural NutriGro microbes can grow at temperatures between 41 to 104°F. Below41°F it is better to use protein hydrolysates for boosting absorption by the plant cells.

Handling information

  • For best results, use within three months after opening.
  • Store with the airtight lid. 
  • Do not mix BioNatural NutriGro with highly acidic water.

Safety Information

  • BioNatural NutriGro is non-toxic to plants, animals and human beings.
  • NutriGro can be used for organic and conventional farming.