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Biological seed dresser for functional seed treatment

NutriSeed is a organic seed dresser containing nitrogen fixing and phosphate solubilizing bacteria of Azotobacter, Bacillus and Pseudomonas genus. It also contains metabolites of bacteria and algae which show plant growth promoting activity. NutriSeed is a dry wetteble powder to be used as a dry dresser without touching the fragile seeds. NutriSeed is compatible with most of the fungicides used to coat the seeds.


  1. Biological seed dresser for functional seed treatment which lasts throughout the crop period.
  2. Early germination
  3. Profuse root development
  4. Rhizosphere enrichment with useful microbes which colonize the root surfaces as roots grow.
  5. Enhances germination vigour.
  6. In case of a dry spell, helps the seedlings to overcome stress.

Mode of Action:

 NutriSeed is a fine powder that sticks to the seed coat. The dressed seed looks white and can be sown easily manually or by machines. NutriSeed can be used after chemical seed treatment with no loss of activity and effectivity. Seeds dressed with NutriSeed after sowing, show improvement in germination. This is due to the fact that the rhizosphere is enriched with the useful bacteria which secrete metabolites like amino acids, siderphores, ammonia, extracellular enzymes and vitamins. The bacteria fix nitrogen and solubilize phosphates in the rhizosphere. The growing plant gets optimum supply of nutrients to establish itself in the soil. The bad bugs also are washed away due to competition and secretion of antifungal metabolites.


Seed rate NutriSeed in grams
3.5 lbs to 4.5 lbs 10g or  0.022lbs
33 lbs to 44 lbs 100g or 0.22 lbs
44 lbs to 88 lbs 200g or 0.44 lbs

Application method:

  1. Spread seed on a clean and dry plastic sheet in a thin layer.
  2. Sprinkle NutriSeed on the seed uniformly.
  3. Hold the plastic sheet tightly at both ends and shake horizontally in left – right direction, till the seed appears properly dressed with NutriSeed.
  4. Compare the dressed seed with untreated seed.
  5. Sow as usual.
  6. Use NutriSeed at the time of sowing only.
  7. In case of seeds of very smooth or uneven seed coat, rub. NutriSeed by hand; using plastic gloves or covered with plastic bag.
  8. Do not damage seed coat under any circumstances.

Factors influencing field results of NutriSeed

  1. Activity of NutriSeed microbes in greatly enhanced in presence of Carbon. Lack of organic matter in the soil is the chief inhibiting factor in the spread of Azotobacter & Bacillus.
  2. NutriSeed microbes  provide plant growth promoting substances which improve growth of the crop. So it is necessary to maintain the soil in optimum nutritional status.
  3. Root exudates influence the growth & N-fixing capacity of Azotobacter, Bacillus  and Pseudomonas  in the rhizosphere. Organic acids & sugars in the root exudates serve as a source of carbon.
  4. NutriSeed is compatible with Chemically treated seed
  5. Compatible Plant Growth Promoting Substances / Hormones
  6. Also compatible with Sea-weed extracts, Protein hydrolysates and vitamin sprays.
  7. NutriSeed microbes can grow at temperatures between 41 to 104°F.
  8. NutriSeed microbes provide useful plant growth promoting substances at a spontaneous rate on the roots.

Handling information

  1. Bottle once opened should be used immediately.
  2. Do not mix with bactericides.
  3. Do not mix with highly acidic water       [ ph< 5]

Safety Information

  • Store in a cool dry place away from heat and sunlight. [Store between 4°C to 40°C.]
  • Bottle once opened should be used immediately or kept in a dry place for reuse.