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Michael Adsit Plymouth Orchards

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Michael Adsit Plymouth Orchards

Hi BioNatural,
I’m sorry about the delay, but here are some photos of this years organic apple crop. How we use the NutriFoliar is part of a foliar feeding cycle. Every 3 weeks, once blossums have dropped, we feed the trees with fish, molassass, Sea Crop kelp product, K-35 product, Complete product, Phos Cal product, NutriFoliar and fulvic acid. 3 years doing this and we see a marked improvement in tree health.

We also side dress in the early spring with your NutriTech and Bioplin products, resulting in a much higher brix.

Over the years using BioNatural products they have prevented early fruit drop.

I am also including our last leaf test results. The July tests were low because of the severe dryness here in June and July

Michael Adsit
Plymouth Orchards