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Potak | Potassium Flush

Potak | Potassium Flush


Revolutionary Potash mobilizer! 100% Organic Potak unlocks unavailable potassium and delivers it to the plant. This specific formulation of Bacillus Licheniformis only delivers exactly what the plant need for 20-40% increase in yield. 

  • Increase yield by at least 20-40%
  • Residue free and non-toxic
  • Contains live microbes in a dormant form
  • Starts working once opened and microbes interact with oxygen
  • 100% Organic

Coverage Area

100mL = 1 Acre Greenhouse

250mL = 2.5 Acres Greenhouse and 1 acre Fruits/Vegetables

1L = 10 Acres and 4 Acres Fruits/Vegetables

5L = 50 Acres Greenhouse and 20 Acres Fruits/Vegetables

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